How we work

No one wants unwelcome surprises so we have illustrated how we aproach a website and answered several questions that we often get asked. We are happy to answer any queries you have have regarding an upcoming design or web build project.

A rough guide

Some useful information

  • If you do not have a domain name, we will help you select one and create a hosting account for you. Some domains are free with hosting but if we have to purchase it we charge the price we pay plus 10%.
  • We install a SSL certificate on our sites, this is a digital certificate that demonstrates ownership, creating trust with users by verifying that websites are secure and legitimate.
  • We work with WordPress templates, there are many examples and we let you have a look so you can pick the one you like the best.
  • When providing content, sometimes less is more – give us the highlights, we can always add ‘read more’ if you need to give more information.
  • Keep it simple – say what you do on the tin.
  • We can provide content and copy writing if you need it, for an additional fee.
  • Include pricing if you have it, people like to know the know.
  • We can add an online shop feature/checkout, so please ask if you want this extra feature.
  • We can also add on booking systems, please ask if you need this adding.
  • If you do not have imagery we can pick them for you, but if you can, give us a steer on what you like/don’t like.
  • We allow for two sets of amends, if you need extra amends, these are no problem and we will let you know the cost in advance
  • Once the website is approved by you and we have received the final payment, you will have full access to update the site yourself or opt for one of our flexible maintenance packages.
  • If you choose to maintain the site yourself, you will be responsible for managing your domain, website hosting and security certificates.
  • Our monthly maintenance packages ensure your domain is renewed, updated and secure.
  • We can also set up your company email address for you, this is an additional extra and we can provide a cost in advance.